Small Solutions for Big Problems – NAS Data Storage

Centralized file storage for your SMB

If you have 2 PCs or more in your business and can’t afford a file server (or don’t want the hassle of maintaining one), a NAS is a great investment. Each person has their own files on their PCs and makes changes to those files when necessary. Though, what if you have files that need to be shared by everyone or by specific users in the business? What if multiple people need to make changes to a single file or worst their computer crashes? Things can easily get complicated very quickly, causing wasted time and resources consumed by emailing files back and forth.  Not to mention the follow up calls or hallway chats devoted to making sure the person received it, etc…  “Did you get that document?  It was in that message I sent.”

This is where having a network and a NAS comes in handy.  A NAS, otherwise known as Network Attached Storage, is basically a networked hard drive that can be accessed anywhere from your business, wirelessly and even remotely without the need for a file server. With a NAS system, data can be centrally stored and set up with permissions for either all or certain users in your business. This way, files may be shared both instantly and efficiently. Another great thing about a NAS is that it is easily backed up so that your data is safe and your PCs don’t even have to be on overnight.


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