The New 4G Race – Can AT&T Make it Rain on Verizon?

They say 4G is super-fast and we’ll love it, since it’s better than the ancient 3G…, Right? But not all 4G is created equal.  Even when you’re talking about the same kind of 4G – (Long Term Evolution or “LTE”). Now that AT&T has launched its LTE network in a few cities that allow a better side by side and apples to apples comparison with Verizon, can we ask, “Who’s the fastest? ”

Will consumers continue to smile happily upon Verizon’s “Can you hear me now?” call, or can AT&T finally deliver on its sometimes overly ambitious “You will!” claims?  More to the point, is Verizon’s network still faster than AT&T?

Can ATT make it rain in Chicago with LTE 4G? Or are they just all wet?

A recent study released  by the wireless analytics company Metrico set out to discover which LTE network was faster: AT&T or Verizon.  The firm performed data and web speed tests on five devices in three cities where both carriers have LTE networks. Metrico collected 24,000 samples from five locations in each of those cities.

After the data tests were performed, Metrico determined that in this side-by-side review AT&T was on average 30% faster, according to their controlled (but not fully scientific) study.  That’s a surprise to  some of us knowledgeable with the technical landscape of the U.S.  cellular  market.  It’s probably also a surprise to wireless customers, since consumer opinion mirrors the conventional wisdom that Verizon is considered to have a better network (or at least a better performing, less congested network) than AT&T.

We haven’t gotten down and dirty in the details of the Metrico report, but it certainly piques our interest.  Why did they get these results? Was it due to types of phones or devices used? Was it the amount of users on the network, or the given  locations?  Were the results skewed or valid?  Check it out for yourself.  Tell us what you think.


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