The New 4G Frontier – Rich Content in the Cockpit

Just like a growing number of legislators across the U.S., Illinois lawmakers are passing stricter regulations on cellphone usage in cars.  However, many companies like OnStar seem to be resisting that trend with a new products and services that expand the options and amenities for passengers and drivers.  onstar verizon 4g lte

At CES OnStar will be demonstrating a new in-car 4G infotainment system that will stream video content and allow for video calls while the vehicle is in operation.  This new system is being installed in a company-owned Chevy Volt research vehicle, and GM claims that functionality can only be used when the vehicle is in park (the same restriction as my Hummer in-dash video radio, which some owners have been known to bypass).  The service is supposed to rely on an internal 4G modem and not a wireless tether to a smartphone. No pricing or carrier information be, but since previous streaming demos relied on Verizon, there’s a good chance they will get the contract.

And while the front seat passengers will be aware of the enhanced information like traffic and weather, the back seat riders get to enjoy on-demand video streaming through a pair of tablets wired into the vehicle.  This is a must have for an auto entertainment enthusiast like myself, but also presents a concern for safety advocates.


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