Network Routing – Where There’s the Will, There’s a Way

As an IT professional, the right network management tools help you simplify your ongoing IT responsibilities. After all, your company’s network is certainly the last thing you would want to have fail. With the right tools in place, however, you can ensure you’re always on top of keeping network connectivity up and running.

Three key points discussed below illustrate why your IT department should strongly consider leveraging network management tools as part of their daily tasks:

1. Appropriate network routing.  You probably don’t want the computer on your desk communicating with the printer out in the shop. Certainly, you don’t want all of your associates to have access to the company’s financial data. And who would want to drive across town to the satellite office when they get a copy of their most recent invoice?  Network management tools interconnect each piece of networking equipment – computers, hard drives, printers, and even phone systems – allowing them all to communicate with each other efficiently.

2. Network system management security.  A good network system management includes a traffic monitor that allows you to view everything on your network. You’ll see where users are going, the IP addresses they’re coming from, and if they’re trying to access unauthorized information or files. Whether intruders are coming from within your company or from the Internet, you’ll be able to stop information theft before it occurs.

3. Take inventory of your network.  A quick scan of your network will enable you to view inventory of all hardware, software, applications, and equipment connected to your network. Not only will this give you a snapshot of your IT asset inventory, it will also allow you to detect unwanted users on your network who may be stealing bandwidth or, worse yet, confidential company information. Regular scans will help eliminate internal equipment theft and also detect malfunctions before they take down your entire system.


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