Does Miserable Weather Lead to Miserable Business?


It doesn’t take a scientist to confirm that weather has an effect on many things, from people’s mood to business activity.  As this Fox Business report notes, businesses both large and small fluctuate wildly along with uncertain weather.  In that spirit, we’ve included some news on local and global weather that could be affecting small and medium businesses in the near future.

Groundhog Day! This animal determines whether or not we have six more weeks of winter or is spring is here. Some say it’s a myth, some call it a legend, and the others just say it’s an animal. I’d agree it’s just an animal, but hasn’t it always been right? The “Hollywoodgossip” site says that the groundhog is right 100% of the time. It has been said that the groundhog “Punxsutawney Phil” has seen his shadow 99 times and missed it 16 times with only 9 years missing from the records.

So six more weeks of winter there will be, dress for success or dress to impress. I’m sure you will do both, it’s a 50/50 chance to get sick or look good. This weather has been crazy enough already. Instead of the cold front flowing downward as usual, it’s pushing forward through the U.S and toward Canada.


and in other weather news…..


Cold snaps hit hard across European in the past few weeks. Forecasters have been warned that this cold will tighten its grip. Temperatures have dropped as low as minus 36.5 Fahrenheit (minus 38.1 degrees Celsius) just overnight just in the southwest. These new lows have taken over 200 lives.

There were people found dead on the streets, trapped in mountain villages and checked in hospitals for hypothermia and frostbite. The freezing temperatures are killing from Serbia to Lithuania. Rescuers were plowing through snowdrifts to get supplies, food and aid local residents. This must be really hard for the families that aren’t local and can’t be with their family during these hard times.

There have been no signs that these freezing temperatures will reach the U.S.  This cold front has somehow completely skipped the U.S. and has become a huge problem for the countries that are suffering; they didn’t even have a warning to prepare for these conditions.  Some have no power, no food, no transportation and some have no homes.

Let’s all hope for some sunnier skies, and a better climate…


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