Tablet Wars! BlackBerry is No Longer All Work and No Play.

I had never heard of Blackberry building tablets before.  But they do!  Parent company Research In Motion (RIM) is the proud producer of the Blackberry PlayBook. While your average BlackBerry devices have often been different from their typical consumer competition in the cellular space, the PlayBook is much more like other competitors’ offerings in the growing tablet market. With the tablet running on a new OS, RIM sees new possibilities, and hopes to shake the limitations of it’s “all work and no play” reputation.

One of the PlayBook’s most useful features is its built-in messaging app that keeps you connected with both your e-mail and social networking messages. With the newsreel and people view features you’re always updated with your friends and business contacts.  The enhanced address book or contacts app is more than just that, it also connects with social networks to keep your information and status up to date. Like Apple’s iPad “airprint” technology, this tablet also has an equivalent feature known as “print to-go”.  BlackBerry has its own operating system as well its own app world and music store, offering hundreds of thousands of fun and reliable apps, songs and videos! The PlayBook has a fast dual core processor, 1GB of RAM and QNX technology, helping keep your personal and work information secure.

 BlackBerry calls it “Performance at its best”. With its seamless multitasking, you can run multiple apps without having to completely end one and close another.  A new feature called BlackBerry Bridge lets your BlackBerry smart phone and tablet work hand and hand – your phone acts as a remote mouse and keyboard.  Unfortunately, the Playbook’s video chat feature doesn’t play well with others, since it’s only supported on compatible BlackBerry smart phones and devices.

 All around, if I owned a BlackBerry phone, I’d purchase a PlayBook as a complementary device.   I’m a fan of the Android technology, so I’d rather go with the Samsung Galaxy, if I had to choose.  But if you’re more of a business person or have a preference for BlackBerry’s business-user technology, I’d recommend the PlayBook. Both companies are working hard to build upon what they’ve already created, and with the technology advancing every minute, we will expect to see many new features to come.


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