Tablet Wars! Rule the Galaxy…

I’ve been seeing commercials and promotions for a bunch of tablets for a while, and I’m sure you have too. I never really saw much difference between them except brand and size.  However, I noticed that all of the companies aggressively marketing tablets are the major wireless carriers: Verizon, Sprint, AT&T, US Cellular and T-Mobile. There isn’t much of a difference between their offers; all of their tablets are Wi-Fi compatible and 3G (with some 4G in the works). Samsung is the creator of the Galaxy Android tablet. With the tons of tablets being manufactured by them, I think it’s fair to the focus on the Galaxy lineup and leave its various rivals (Apple iPad, Kindle Fire, Nook, and Blackberry tablets) to discuss some other time.

 The Samsung Galaxy tablet versions 7.0, 8.9, 10.1, and 7.0 Plus are the only Galaxy models that are Wi-Fi only based tablets.  Each Galaxy offers features including 16GB, touch screen, full HTML web browser, Books, Browser, Email, Gallery, Gmail, Google Maps, Android Market, Google Search, Google Talk, Voice Search, Latitude, Music Hub, Navigation, Places, Pulse, Polaris Office, Samsung Apps, YouTube, Music Player, Media Hub and Social Hub. They also support applications that work with most document types and file formats popular with business and personal users: Word Processing – doc, docx, xml, txt, rtf, dot, dotx; Spreadsheets – xls, xlsx, csv, xlt, xltx; Presentations – ppt, pptx, pot, potx, pps, ppsx; and Digital Publishing: pdf.

 Unlike some tablets, the Galaxy is equipped with a USB 2.0 port and a rear camera with autofocus and flash, and supports most audio and video files running on the Android 3.1 OS.  With an average price around the same as Apple’s popular iPad, it’s worth considering this 16GB line of devices as capable options on the growing Android platform.


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