The iPad 3 is Coming!!! What’s Next?

According to the latest buzz, the iPad 3 will be released any day.  Chances are you’re either getting your tent out to set up camp in front of your nearest Apple Store or you’re telling yourself that all these misguided rumors are becoming a drag on productive society.   But just as the incredibly long teaser on the iPad 3 seems to be ending the rumor mill fires up a new one, causing Apple fans to shift their attention over to the iPad mini, which is said to be released later this year. Incorrect rumors have been floating around for years with news of an iPad in a smaller form, but the latest “confirmation” comes from none other than Samsung, Apple’s competitor.

The website was recently provided with an “official- looking” Samsung securities document, that was naturally credited to an anonymous source.  Technically, we’re not sure whether this is the product of the rumor mill or it’s shadowy cousin the confirmation mill, but according to this scoop Apple plans to launch a 7- inch tablet (iPad mini) in the third quarter of this year. “The screen is too small to express the software” said former CEO Steve Jobs on the 7-inch tablets.  But if you follow the logic of the latest rumors Amazon’s 7-inch Kindle Fire was said to be eating into Apple’s market share, which has sparked Apple’s management to rethink that sentiment.

 Information provided in the document also hints to whether Apple will switch its current IPS displays to AMOLED (either standard or flexible) for its next generation iPad and iPhone (iPhone 5). Samsung reportedly expects a significant amount of AMOLED tablets to be released this year, including its new 7.7- inch Galaxy tablet, which could give Apple the push to make the switch.  Even if Apple switches to AMOLED panels they will still outsell Samsung by 50 million more tablets a year.  Apple has reported that they plan to sell 100 million iPads this year.


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