Tidbits #5 – Making the Semi-Finals

Yes, it is that time of the year…   March Madness; Sweet Sixteen; and the Final Four – bring on all the clichés…  Bitter rivals Kentucky vs. Louisville and traditional powerhouse Kansas vs. little surprising Ohio State (didn’t think they’d get by the Orange).  By the time this gets published, we’d most likely know who’s in the finals for the big title game.  WSJ recently published an article enumerating final four appearances by professional sports organizations in their respective leagues, which I found very interesting.  Some names were expected, while others surprised me.

  • NFL since 1970 merger – Steelers (15); Cowboys (14); 49ers (13 – I grew up in the East Bay during the Montana / Young era and vividly remember many of these games); Raiders (11)
  • NBA since 1976 merger – Lakers (19); Celtics (11); Pistons (11); Spurs (10); thought I’d see the Bulls here…
  • MLB since 1969 when the LCS began – Yankees (14); Athletics (11 – they must’ve won all these in the 70’s because I cannot recall any of them); Braves (11); Cardinals (10)
  • NHL since 1968 when expansion began – Flyers (16); Blackhawks (15); Canadiens (15); Bruins (14); where’s the Red Wings?

With “second place is just as good as the last place” mentality of professional sports, I am not sure if the above stats really matter…   Maybe we should ask “never-won-a-title” Suns (8 final fours) who’s on PARR (no pun intended) with the six time champs Bulls (9 final four).


About Richard Lee
Experienced finance and operations professional. Currently partner in five companies, adjunct professor of economics at Columbia College and executive contributor to a small business blog (www.SMBmatters.com); following corporate finance, M&A and management consulting tenures with Orbitz and Diamond Technology Partners; and six years of service with the United States Army.

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