Latest Rumors: Apple iPhone 5

apple iphone 5 iphone pro

Surveys say that the iPhone 5 may be the most anticipated devices among consumers awaiting Apple’s rumored two new devices. The release date of the iPhone 5 has been pushed back repeatedly for months. The release date was once sometime in June, it is now sometime in October. Many features have been added to the iPhone, some of which I will list here: (1) the screen is a bit bigger; (2) 4G LTE; (3) improved SIRI; (4) operating on the new IOS 6; and (5) a potential 3D camera, among other things that have been added.

The main features worth paying attention to are things like the new sleeker design, a laser keyboard, and holographic display all rolled into the iPhone 5. It has a newer computer generated concept than the iPhone 4s. There have also been enhanced gaming features.

Some rumors claim that the phone would be made completely out of glass. The type of glass they are using is called Gorilla Glass 2. This is supposed to be stronger and more durable than the standard gorilla glass and they hope it is perfectly suitable for the iPhone 5. The glass iPhone will set Apple apart from all of its competitors. Questions are raised about whether this is really suitable for day to day uses and typical living conditions. Carrying this phone without a case isn’t an option; they hope that using gorilla glass dampens the worry of consumers.


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  1. It will be possible that, but I think we should avoid these entire rumor because Apple has not released any information about iPhone 5 Features or specification.

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