All Positive on the iPhone 5!

iphone5 iphone 5 features

Let’s talk some more about iPhone 5 and consider users’ motivations to upgrade.  There’s a ton of reasons to purchase the newest iPhone when it releases this fall season.  Reasons like: a bigger screen, better camera, better resolution, new design and same design (yeah, that’s right, it’s both), full HD video recording, 64GB models, no more storage, better battery, 3D display, enhanced voice controls, iTunes cloud enhanced features, as well and no home button!

iphone 5 iphone5 tile home button

With the iPhone 4 having a better camera over prior models (5Mpx digital camera), the iPhone 5 will hopefully include a 8Mpx digital camera or more. The screen will maybe have 4 to 5 inches diagonally making it bigger than the current generation iPhone 4.  Since the screen is wider, the resolution could (and logically should) be better as well.


iphone4 iphone4

The iPhone 5 may have the same design as the iPhone 4, but could have the glass on the back replaced with brushed metal. There is also a rumor saying the new design could be inspired by the iPad 2, which would mean the thickness would be reduced with a sleeker profile that features metallic black sides and rounded  edges.

For the iPhone 5 and its low cost models there may not be internal memory storage included. This could be where everyone (users, carriers and Apple) might run into some issues. With a better version of iCloud, that may also mean that Mobile Me is enhanced. iOS 5 will be launched the day of the iPhone 5’s release. The iPhone 5 will more than likely be available in white just like the iPhone 4’s. 3D display is still being considered.

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