Anticipation: iOS5 Features

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Even newer on the anticipated iPhone 5 are a number of new innovative features that make it easier for people with mobility, hearing, vision and cognitive disabilities to get the most out of their iOS 5 devices — not just the iPhone 5, but the iPods and iPads as well. The iOS 5 devices will be equipped with specialized hardware accessories. Another new feature will be AirPlay’s ability to provide video mirroring — meaning that you can wirelessly and securely stream whatever is on your iOS 5 devices to your HDTV via Apple TV.

The mail has new improvements as well.  You can format your texts using bold, italics, or underlined fonts. You can add or delete folders on the fly. Looking for a specific message? You can now search the body of messages. With the new iOS 5 devices such as iPod touch, iPad, and IPhone, you will no longer have to own a computer. You will just have to activate and set up your device wirelessly right out of the box. The software will be available for free and can be downloaded directly to your device. You can do all of the editing of your folders straight from you apple device, no need for the computer anymore.

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Changes to Safari have been made as well. Safari reader will be able to display your web articles sans ads or clutter, so you can read without the distractions. iCloud keeps your saved articles list updated on all of your Apple devices. There are more tabbed features added to keep you browsing back and forth with ease. Keep looking forward to the next iPhone and iOS 5 features!





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