FTIL #10 – Everyday Power Foods

I’ve seen trends in the rise and fall of power foods.  In the 80’s it was all about aloe pulp (still remember taking a spoon full of that stuff every morning), then came flaxseeds, acai (even has its own .org site), chia seeds (Ravens running back Ray Rice made headlines for eating this stuff instead of his morning cereal during the playoffs), etc…  But what about the stuff we can find every day at Dominick’s or Jewel Osco?   Are there power foods disguised as aisle 10 staples that we should pay more attention to?  According to nutrition researcher Tia M. Raines, there are, and below are my son’s favorites from her list –

  1. Bananas – this portable fruit supplies energy and replaces lost electrolytes, great pre-game eat.  Something I did not know – opt for less ripe variety since its carbs digest slower in the human body.
  2. Eggs – opt for free-range or Omega-rich eggs, certainly worth the extra bucks.  Great source of A, B, D and E vitamins.  It contains polyunsaturated fat shown to lower blood cholesterol.
  3. Yogurt – aside from bacterial cultures that help to keep your colon healthy, it is easier to digest than milk, so even the lactose intolerant folks can have it all.
  4. Salmon – great source of Omega 3 fatty acids with low-mercury (if you are concerned about that – can’t remember when’s the last time I had meaty swordfish steak).
  5. Blueberries – Brandon’s favorite.  High concentration of antioxidants, blueberries work to  boost your immune system.  It’s even claimed to fight cancer.

And the list goes on and on…   Just proves that all power (or super) foods do not necessarily have to have names that you cannot pronounce.   Here to finer things in life!

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