FTIL #11 – Breath of Fresh Air

Many of my friends know that I have somewhat of a green thumb.  One of my prized growth is a simple moon flower that I had purchased as a sapling at a local grocery store that grew into a 3’ cornerstone in my living room with proper care…   Soil, organic compost and Beethoven (not a typo…   Symphony #9 works the best).  Fern, ivy, money tree, you name it – they are all over my condo.  Many of them, aside from adding accent as a décor, also serve as nature’s air purifier.

Below are a few of my favorites –

  • Devil’s Ivy – you can find these at any Home Depot.  Broader leaves are more aesthetically pleasing than it distant cousin, English Ivy.  Known to suck in carbon monoxide, formaldehyde and benzene in the air.
  • Flamingo Flower – again an easy find in many grocery stores.  Nature’s vacuum cleaner for many airborne contaminants such as toluene and xylene emitted from everyday household products.
  • Peace Lilly – doesn’t the name even sound soothing?  Sucks up emissions from household cleaning (and beauty) products and building materials such as acetone, n-hexane and methyl alcohol.
  • Here’s to abreath of fresh air and finer things in life!
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About Richard Lee
Experienced finance and operations professional. Currently partner in five companies, adjunct professor of economics at Columbia College and executive contributor to a small business blog (www.SMBmatters.com); following corporate finance, M&A and management consulting tenures with Orbitz and Diamond Technology Partners; and six years of service with the United States Army.

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