Can Deal Sites Escape the Expectations Game and Get Down to Business?

groupon living social expectations performanceLast week SMBMatters featured one analyst’s take on Facebook, and posed the question to ourselves, if there had been a change in the landscape that might somehow make the business environment more realistic and suitable for Facebook to succeeed.

This week’s story applies some of the same questions to daily deal sites, which in some ways were a precursor to Facebook’s stock fall. The buzz and hype of inflated expectations was a hard hurdle for daily deal leader Groupon. Have the burdens of stock expectations set up “hot” daily deal leaders for a fall?

Business & Money

As we enter the most deal-crazed time of year, daily deals sites such as Groupon and LivingSocial try to adapt to the changing marketplace — while facing the possibility that the original coupon model may one day soon be viewed as an odd, short-lived fad.

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