It’s 2013 and I’m just finding out about the Xbox Smartglass!


The Xbox Smartglass app is an enhanced technology that allows your android or apple device to communicate with your Xbox 360! “How does this work?” You might ask. The answer is simple. Your devices and tablets can communicate with each other, so why not with your gaming console? The technology works whether you’re at home or another location and with any system just sign in.

As I’ve previously said, the Xbox Smartglass app and your tablet, as long as it runs on androids operating system, or your iDevice it will automatically connect once you’ve signed into your Xbox live profile and opened the app. From there you can control your Xbox and do things like stream videos from the web, play a DVD, or start your game. However from that point you will need to connect your controller. You can use your keyboard on your tablet or iDevice instead of opening up the not so sufficient and slow keyboard method that your Xbox 360 offers.

Being able to type a message and even search the web from your tablet to your console is a simple and pretty cool feature. With Xbox Smartglass I’ve noticed that it memorizes what games or apps I play most on my console. It has even memorized movies that I’ve viewed from watching previews and performing searches. It keeps up with your achievements and awards. I thought that the Smartglass app was especially needed seeing how often I game, use Netflix, search the web, and chat with friends. Another cool feature is the ability to change and edit your profile and avatar. You can multitask and still access your friends list to see what they’re playing or watching.

I can’t see a reason not to download this app onto your device right now and get connected without a controller and the difficulties of typing from your own keyboard. So go and download the app and explore all it has to offer!


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