Leap Motion is set for take off!

Sometime early this year, Apple will be releasing a new wireless device that has been compared to Microsoft’s Kinect. This new device or technology is called the Leap Motion Controller/ Sensor. This device acts as a wireless controller for your computer, whether you have a Mac or a PC this device is compatible and lets you scroll, pinch, click and grab using only your hands!



The use of Leap Motion will electrify you and you’ll get a totally different feel for your computer, job, and gaming console. Yes, I just said gaming console, but for now, let’s stay on the path discussing how this technology works. Leap Motion brings together the works of touch free, 3D motion sensing and motion control, sounds a lot like the kinect right? Well with this technology being about the size of an iPod will give you a whole new look on computing, LEDs, and sensors. The way it works is you just simply plug it into your computer like a USB, install the software and wave your hand to begin.

Besides the technology impacting the world of gaming, it will also bring endless possibilities to healthcare, engineering, and art. We’ll find out next time just how much of an innovation Leap Motion really is!



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