Tidbits 18 – Product Review: Patron XO Cafe Dark Cocoa

As finance and accounting professional, this is probably the roughest time of the year with year-end closings, current year forecasting and other time-sensitive fiduciary compliance tasks that should have been completed yesterday.  So after another fun-filled week that entailed one all-nighter and butting heads with a former client who cannot understand why including expenses in 1099 is a wrong thing to do, I met with a friend for a TGIF suds at our favorite watering hole.  After a couple of Stellas however, we decided to switch gears.  The bartender recommended a drink that is less than a year old in the market when we requested an aperitif that’s not too sweet.  Patron XO Café Dark is essentially its flagship silver tequila with coffee and chocolate flavorings, and it certainly hit the spot.  It went down smooth without the usual agave aftertaste that even tequila diehards at times don’t necessarily care for…  Just as the bartender promised, sweet enough but not too sweet, which probably makes it little dangerous since the liqueur has the full alcohol content of normal tequila.  According to Patron’s corporate communications, 2012 sales have exceeded forecast by 20%, and it hopes to ship 50K nine-liter cases in 2013.  Its marketing director attributed the product’s success to carefully crafted tasting note targeted to specific band of consumers.  After a couple of shots (one on the house), I think Patron has developed a niche product that could occupy top shelf for years to come.    tequila


About Richard Lee
Experienced finance and operations professional. Currently partner in five companies, adjunct professor of economics at Columbia College and executive contributor to a small business blog (www.SMBmatters.com); following corporate finance, M&A and management consulting tenures with Orbitz and Diamond Technology Partners; and six years of service with the United States Army.

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