It’s 2013 and I’m just finding out about the Xbox Smartglass!


The Xbox Smartglass app is an enhanced technology that allows your android or apple device to communicate with your Xbox 360! “How does this work?” You might ask. The answer is simple. Your devices and tablets can communicate with each other, so why not with your gaming console? The technology works whether you’re at home or another location and with any system just sign in.

As I’ve previously said, the Xbox Smartglass app and your tablet, as long as it runs on androids operating system, or your iDevice it will automatically connect once you’ve signed into your Xbox live profile and opened the app. From there you can control your Xbox and do things like stream videos from the web, play a DVD, or start your game. However from that point you will need to connect your controller. You can use your keyboard on your tablet or iDevice instead of opening up the not so sufficient and slow keyboard method that your Xbox 360 offers.

Being able to type a message and even search the web from your tablet to your console is a simple and pretty cool feature. With Xbox Smartglass I’ve noticed that it memorizes what games or apps I play most on my console. It has even memorized movies that I’ve viewed from watching previews and performing searches. It keeps up with your achievements and awards. I thought that the Smartglass app was especially needed seeing how often I game, use Netflix, search the web, and chat with friends. Another cool feature is the ability to change and edit your profile and avatar. You can multitask and still access your friends list to see what they’re playing or watching.

I can’t see a reason not to download this app onto your device right now and get connected without a controller and the difficulties of typing from your own keyboard. So go and download the app and explore all it has to offer!


Leap Motion is set for take off!

Sometime early this year, Apple will be releasing a new wireless device that has been compared to Microsoft’s Kinect. This new device or technology is called the Leap Motion Controller/ Sensor. This device acts as a wireless controller for your computer, whether you have a Mac or a PC this device is compatible and lets you scroll, pinch, click and grab using only your hands!



The use of Leap Motion will electrify you and you’ll get a totally different feel for your computer, job, and gaming console. Yes, I just said gaming console, but for now, let’s stay on the path discussing how this technology works. Leap Motion brings together the works of touch free, 3D motion sensing and motion control, sounds a lot like the kinect right? Well with this technology being about the size of an iPod will give you a whole new look on computing, LEDs, and sensors. The way it works is you just simply plug it into your computer like a USB, install the software and wave your hand to begin.

Besides the technology impacting the world of gaming, it will also bring endless possibilities to healthcare, engineering, and art. We’ll find out next time just how much of an innovation Leap Motion really is!


Working Together, Working Better – Part 2

The Google Apps platform helps you and your team work smarter and faster by making it easy for everyone — employees, partners, vendors, anyone — to work together effortlessly across companies, teams and locations. Google Apps allows you to share and edit many types of files (documents, spreadsheetspresentations and more) in real time. Forget about the wasted time and efficiency spent emailing documents back and forth and worrying about the problems of version control. Storing docs in the cloud will mean everyone automatically has the latest version of any file. Doesn’t that just make sense?

You’re able work with your colleagues like you’re in the same room (even if you’re on opposite sides of the world). You will be able to arrange video chats right from your Gmail inbox or jump into the same document and edit it together as if you’re sitting right next to each other at the same computer. With Google Docs, you can share just with a couple of clicks and every member of your team has access to the right versions of any documents, spreadsheets or presentations. Everyone can jump in and make changes at the same time. No need for back-and-forth email attachments or versions that you can’t keep track of. Google Apps also helps you work with your partners, vendors and customers just as you would with your colleagues. You can do things like schedule meetings, share docs, hold video chats and create project sites with people outside your little world, reaching new locations, industries and markets.

So there you have it, Google apps for business helps you communicate in real time across organizations and long distances.

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Google Cloud : Working Together, Working Better

Wondering how with Google Business Apps, all your work gets saved automatically in the cloud? You will have access to your emails, calendars, documents and sites. You will be able to work securely no matter where you are or the device you’re using. This means your employees and everyone you work with can be productive from anywhere, using any of your devices with an Internet connection.

Apple Devices

Google Sync offers two-way synchronization between your Google Apps and your eMail, Calendar and Contacts apps on your iPhone and iPad.  Administrators will be able to choose mobile device management policies that are designed to keep your business information safe and secure. The policies include the ability to be able to remotely wipe data from any lost or stolen devices, requiring a device password, setting the password strength requirements, and best practices for data administrators.

Android Devices

Google applications will typically be pre-installed on most Android devices.  Sign in to your Android phone via your Google Apps username (or email) and password, calendar and contact information will be automatically synced on the go. You can use your Google Talk account to IM or video chat from your phone. Administrators can choose mobile device management policies designed to keep your business information secure as well.

Blackberry Devices

Google Apps supports two-way synchronization between Google Apps and the Email, Calendar and Contacts applications on BlackBerry devices by cooperating with a BlackBerry Enterprise Server. With the Google Apps Connector for BlackBerry Enterprise Server, administrators will be able choose mobile device management policies that are designed to keep your business information secure.

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Start Updating! iOS5 Released!

Get started with the iOS 5.1 update today! Apple brings 200+ new features for an even more superb operating system. There are bigger and better ways to communicate, not only through its primary messaging app, but with Twitter, your e-mail, and any other messaging apps of your choice. I’m sure the app market will continue to expand as well in concert with the improvements in iOS5, including new and improved game options.

If you’re a gamer, like me, I can point out a few choice games I play with my “free time” like: Draw Something, Hanging with Friends, Scramble with Friends, Scrabble and many more. These are just a few of their popular games that are still growing in the Apple App Store marketplace, give them a try, tell your friends and compete or play for fun.  Whatever you do just remember to enjoy your new iOS 5 update!

Games aren’t the only new addition.  There are now much better and more effective ways to communicate socially. You have your Twitter, you have your e-mail, Facebook, Tumblr, Google+, Instagram, OovooFaceTime, Skype and plenty more. The market constantly grows with the demands of those social butterflies among us.

If you’re into the media, don’t worry, there’s something for you too.  The App Store has plenty of those apps as well.  YouTube is always there and Spotify is a newer music media player that you can connect and synch with from your Facebook account, share playlists with friends and play it virtually anywhere!

Apple is always surprising consumers with their innovative products and ideas. We look forward to the next big Apple product which should be coming soon!

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Anticipation: iPhone 5 Features and iOS5 Integration

Here’s another update on some expected features in the iPhone 5…. As we all should know, there will be some enhancements to the camera. The snapshot feature will let your shots become frame worthy photos with just a few taps. You can handle all of your editing needs – crop, rotate, enhance, and red-eye removal – without leaving the Photos app. With iCloud you can push all of your photos and albums to other iOS 5 devices. Next time you’re thinking, “Don’t forget this or don’t forget to do that…” you can just put it all in your Apple iOS 5 device and jot it down in your reminders app. You’ll get an alert as soon as you pull into the area you have a “to-do” task written down. Your reminders also work with iCal, Outlook, and iCloud so that the changes you make to one will automatically update on all of your devices.

apple ios5 device sync and integration

You can now customize your newsstand subscriptions. You can read all the news in one place; the new newsstand organizes your magazine subscriptions and newspaper apps. There has also been a newsstand area added to the Apple App Store. The iMessage app has also been enhanced; you can now send unlimited text messages via Wi-Fi or 3G from your iPadiPhone, or iPod touch devices. Keep everyone in touch and up to date with group messaging. Track your messages with the new delivery receipts and optional read receipts and be able to see when someone else is typing. New updates to the notification center enable you to see all of your notifications in one place. The notification center is the best way to stay on top of your life’s breaking news. Keep looking forward to your iPhone and iOS 5 updates!

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Anticipation: iOS5 Features

ipad 3 ipad2 features

Even newer on the anticipated iPhone 5 are a number of new innovative features that make it easier for people with mobility, hearing, vision and cognitive disabilities to get the most out of their iOS 5 devices — not just the iPhone 5, but the iPods and iPads as well. The iOS 5 devices will be equipped with specialized hardware accessories. Another new feature will be AirPlay’s ability to provide video mirroring — meaning that you can wirelessly and securely stream whatever is on your iOS 5 devices to your HDTV via Apple TV.

The mail has new improvements as well.  You can format your texts using bold, italics, or underlined fonts. You can add or delete folders on the fly. Looking for a specific message? You can now search the body of messages. With the new iOS 5 devices such as iPod touch, iPad, and IPhone, you will no longer have to own a computer. You will just have to activate and set up your device wirelessly right out of the box. The software will be available for free and can be downloaded directly to your device. You can do all of the editing of your folders straight from you apple device, no need for the computer anymore.

ipad iphone button

Changes to Safari have been made as well. Safari reader will be able to display your web articles sans ads or clutter, so you can read without the distractions. iCloud keeps your saved articles list updated on all of your Apple devices. There are more tabbed features added to keep you browsing back and forth with ease. Keep looking forward to the next iPhone and iOS 5 features!





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All Positive on the iPhone 5!

iphone5 iphone 5 features

Let’s talk some more about iPhone 5 and consider users’ motivations to upgrade.  There’s a ton of reasons to purchase the newest iPhone when it releases this fall season.  Reasons like: a bigger screen, better camera, better resolution, new design and same design (yeah, that’s right, it’s both), full HD video recording, 64GB models, no more storage, better battery, 3D display, enhanced voice controls, iTunes cloud enhanced features, as well and no home button!

iphone 5 iphone5 tile home button

With the iPhone 4 having a better camera over prior models (5Mpx digital camera), the iPhone 5 will hopefully include a 8Mpx digital camera or more. The screen will maybe have 4 to 5 inches diagonally making it bigger than the current generation iPhone 4.  Since the screen is wider, the resolution could (and logically should) be better as well.


iphone4 iphone4

The iPhone 5 may have the same design as the iPhone 4, but could have the glass on the back replaced with brushed metal. There is also a rumor saying the new design could be inspired by the iPad 2, which would mean the thickness would be reduced with a sleeker profile that features metallic black sides and rounded  edges.

For the iPhone 5 and its low cost models there may not be internal memory storage included. This could be where everyone (users, carriers and Apple) might run into some issues. With a better version of iCloud, that may also mean that Mobile Me is enhanced. iOS 5 will be launched the day of the iPhone 5’s release. The iPhone 5 will more than likely be available in white just like the iPhone 4’s. 3D display is still being considered.

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The Magic Mouse iPhone…?

magic mouse iphone iphone5 iphone 5


There are some sneaky rumors being leaked out on the iPhone 5. What’s true and what’s not? I have heard news on a ton of features and changes Apple will be doing with its newest iPhone design. The iPhone 5 is said to be shipping out in September of this year, not this June or July; Apple is adding new features and changing the design of the phone itself.


New features such as:

  • Faster multi- core processor based on the Cortex A9 design
  • Upgraded graphics and video processor which will boost the media’s capacity
  • New near- field communication technology lets you use your iPhone as your payment device
  • Antenna design will be different
  • Increase of memory – meaning more storage capacity
  • Increase in screen size from 3.5 to 3.7 inches
  • 1080p video recording and 8 megapixel camera is a possible upgrade
  • Very likely to have 4G LTE connectivity
  • Magic Mouse, Ciccare design


Some suspect that Apple could have a problem with its new design, because there is no visible audio jack and this will be a problem when using wired headphones.  It’s been heard that the new iPhone will have curved glass screens.  Displaying a sharper image and a bigger screen, Apple is gearing up to compete with its main competitor Samsung Galaxy S II with its 4.6 OLED display. The many features mentioned come from both rumor channels and straight from Apple itself.magic mouse iphone curved


The question is do you adore the new Magic Mouse design? Or do you prefer the current design?

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Latest Rumors: Apple iPhone 5

apple iphone 5 iphone pro

Surveys say that the iPhone 5 may be the most anticipated devices among consumers awaiting Apple’s rumored two new devices. The release date of the iPhone 5 has been pushed back repeatedly for months. The release date was once sometime in June, it is now sometime in October. Many features have been added to the iPhone, some of which I will list here: (1) the screen is a bit bigger; (2) 4G LTE; (3) improved SIRI; (4) operating on the new IOS 6; and (5) a potential 3D camera, among other things that have been added.

The main features worth paying attention to are things like the new sleeker design, a laser keyboard, and holographic display all rolled into the iPhone 5. It has a newer computer generated concept than the iPhone 4s. There have also been enhanced gaming features.

Some rumors claim that the phone would be made completely out of glass. The type of glass they are using is called Gorilla Glass 2. This is supposed to be stronger and more durable than the standard gorilla glass and they hope it is perfectly suitable for the iPhone 5. The glass iPhone will set Apple apart from all of its competitors. Questions are raised about whether this is really suitable for day to day uses and typical living conditions. Carrying this phone without a case isn’t an option; they hope that using gorilla glass dampens the worry of consumers.

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